The first violin class at the music academy Musicalta opened in summer 1994. Led since then by renowned musicians, professors in conservatories and higher music schools from all over the world, violin lessons are open to all students who wish to improve their violin skills. There is no minimum level and no prior selection to be able to attend the lessons.

Piano accompanists are available for students (singers and instrumentalists).

Practice rooms are available for a minimum of 3 hours per day (interns only) for violin students. For more latitude, we can offer you several options of individual practice room.

In addition to their course, violin, viola, cello and double bass students are welcomed to the Large String Ensemble every day during the entire session. A concert will be organized at the end of the session as part of the Musicalta Festival. The large string ensemble gathers students around vast artistic projects: masterpieces from the classical repertoire as well as more unusual and unknown pieces for chamber orchestra. In this context, the students were able to share the stage with soloists such as Gilles Apap or Francis Duroy on violin, Antonio Soria on piano, Dominique Vidal on clarinet and many others.

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