The first violin class at the music academy Musicalta opened in summer 1994. Led since then by renowned musicians, professors in conservatories and higher music schools from all over the world, violin lessons are open to all students who wish to improve their violin skills. There is no minimum level and no prior selection to be able to attend the lessons.

Piano accompanists are available for students (singers and instrumentalists).

Practice rooms are available for a minimum of 3 hours per day (interns only) for violin students. For more latitude, we can offer you several options of individual practice room.

In addition to their course, violin, viola, cello and double bass students are welcomed to the Large String Ensemble every day during the entire session. A concert will be organized at the end of the session as part of the Musicalta Festival. The large string ensemble gathers students around vast artistic projects: masterpieces from the classical repertoire as well as more unusual and unknown pieces for chamber orchestra. In this context, the students were able to share the stage with soloists such as Gilles Apap or Francis Duroy on violin, Antonio Soria on piano, Dominique Vidal on clarinet and many others.

The other instruments in Musicalta

Discover an exceptional violin workshop, combining music and learning, designed for enthusiasts of this magnificent instrument. Our program offers an enriching experience, including intensive courses, hands-on workshops and unique performances. Whether you’re an adult looking to improve your playing or a child keen to discover the violin, our courses are suitable for all levels.

Our violin courses are designed to offer total immersion in the world of music. With weekly classes given by experienced teachers, you’ll have the opportunity to rapidly develop your technical skills and artistic sensibility. Classes are structured to meet the specific needs of each participant, whatever their age, level or musical objectives.

In addition to individual lessons, our program also includes workshops dedicated to learning different string instruments such as violin, viola and many others. These workshops are the perfect opportunity to explore the nuances of each instrument and enrich your understanding of the entire string family.

One of the special features of our courses is the opportunity to play in an orchestra. You’ll have the opportunity to join other passionate musicians of different ages and skill levels to create unforgettable musical performances. This group experience fosters exchange, collaboration and mutual learning, strengthening your musical practice.

Our violin workshops are also an opportunity to take part in an internationally renowned festival. The festival brings together musicians from a wide variety of backgrounds and offers an exceptional platform for showcasing your talents. The Festival has an international reputation and features some of the world’s most renowned musicians. You’ll have the chance to play in front of a passionate audience, discover new repertoire and be inspired by the performances of other musicians.

To ensure the best possible experience, our academy offers comfortable and friendly accommodation. So you can concentrate fully on your learning, without worrying about the logistical details. Situated in a magnificent location that encourages creativity, our accommodation allows you to fully immerse yourself in the musical atmosphere of our workshops.

You also have free access to the string ensemble, vocal workshops, choral singing, composition, body awareness and all courses as an auditor, an in-house workroom for a minimum of 3 hours/day, relaxation activities: swimming pool, equipped gymnasium, soccer pitches, huge park, Festival café.

In addition to lessons, workshops and performances, our violin workshops also offer moments of relaxation and conviviality. You’ll have the chance to enjoy an unforgettable musical vacation, meet other music lovers and share great moments around your common passion.

Our team of experienced musicians and teachers will support you along the way, ensuring that you develop your skills, artistic sensibility and confidence as a musician. Internships, courses, workshops and musical performances allow you to explore a vast repertoire, meet talented musicians and develop your musicality.

For adults and children alike, our violin workshops are a fantastic opportunity to discover and explore this magnificent instrument. Participants will have the chance to learn in a stimulating environment, where they can develop their musicality while having fun. Our specialist teachers will ensure that each child progresses at his or her own pace, adapting lessons to their needs and level.

In addition to lessons and rehearsals, our violin clinics also offer moments of conviviality and sharing. You’ll have the opportunity to take part in musical evenings, concerts and meetings with other passionate musicians. These moments of exchange foster collaborations, friendships and the creation of lasting bonds within the musical community.

Our accommodation, set in beautiful surroundings, offers a place to rest and relax after an intense day of learning and practice. You can take advantage of modern facilities, rehearsal spaces and concert halls, creating an atmosphere conducive to inspiration and creativity.

We are convinced that our violin courses will be a transformative experience, not only from a musical point of view, but also on a personal level. Join our group of music enthusiasts and embark on a unique adventure to the heart of music and the violin. Register now and get ready to experience unforgettable musical moments in an inspiring and stimulating environment.