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You will find here the more frequently asked questions regarding the Musicalta music academy. If you need any further information, don’t hesitate to get in touch.
Who can participate in the Musicalta academy ?
Musicalta academy is open to any instrumentalist, singer, composer wishing to improve, whatever their age and level.

It is possible to register to take courses or to register as a listener.

In which places does the academy take place ?
All activities take place within the Legta Campus where courses, practice rooms, accomodation, meals and leisure activities are centralized.
How long can I practice each day?
A practice room for 4 students is offered for boarder students. This corresponds to the opportunity to practice a minimum of 3 hours per day individually.

If you want more time to practice, you can chose an option: “Practice room for 2 students” or “individual practice room”.

Information for non boarder students: no practice room is provided for external students. If you need a practice room during the music academy Musicalta, you can apply to an option “practice room” (from 50 €).

What does "free access" mean?
As a student of the Music Academy, the free option feature enables you to :

  •  Take part in the Large string ensemble, physical awakening activities, singing and choral workshops, composition workshops.
  • Attend Musicalta Festival, lectures, any course as listener.

You applied as a listener ?

  • Attend Musicalta Festival, lectures, any course as listener.
Is there a selection for applicants ?
There is no level or age selection for registration. Musicalta music academy is open to all without restriction, from beginner to professional.

The number of students per professor is limited, places are allocated on a firts-come-first-served basis.

What are the activities proposed outside working hours ?
Numerous leisure activities are offered to boarder students:

  • Free access to the Rouffach swimming pool (2mn LEGTA under supervision for underage students).
  • Numerous leisure opportunities at the LEGTA: equipped gymnasium, badminton, ping pong, football, volley ball, basket ball…, huge park, walks in the vineyards, large group games, role play, painting, theater …
  • Over 18 students have access to Bar Musicalta.
Are boarder students under 18 years (juniors) supervised?
Musicalta music course is approved by the french Ministry of Youth and Sports.

There is a constant supervision by qualified and experienced advisors which is provided for junior students.

Junior students are taken in charge by professionals who offer appropriate leisure activities outside music lessons.

Can non-boarder underage student be supervised during the day?
Yes, it is possible to benefit from a supervision during the day with the “Supervision for non-boarder Junior student” formula.

This gives the non-boarder underage student the same access to the leisure activities proposed for underage boarder student outside music courses.Constant supervision by qualified and experienced advisors will be provided.

For information, if the underage student wishes to be present at mealtime, a corresponding fee will be asked.

Is there a student concert in the end of the academy ?
Students concerts are held at the end of each session of the music academy. The professors choose the concert programs in which students participate.
If students wish to share a room with acquaintances, is it possible ?
Subject to a single-sex, we take into account the demands of the students who wish to be accommodated in the same room. For that, the request has to be done.
In which languages are taught the courses ?
The majority of our professors speak at least french or/and english.
Is there any shop in the immediate vicinity of the Legta campus ?
The campus is located in a beautiful park, in the immediate vicinity of shops, cafés, restaurants, post office and railways station.
Is there a transportation organised from Mulhouse station?
A bus transportation is organised from Mulhouse station for every student of the music academy (supervision of underage students by camp counselors).

A welcome is scheduled for each session on the day of arrival in Mulhouse railway Station (from Paris, Lyon, Geneva…). A unique schedule is indicated for each day of arrival on registration documents.

For the departure, a transportation is organised from the campus to Mulhouse station (unique schedule).

Is there a transportation organised from airports to the campus ?
The music workshop organises individual transportation on special demand (transfer charged).
What are the payment options?
Musicalta music academy accepts the following means of payment;

  • Credit card
  • Bank transfer
  • Cash
  • Bank check

You want to spread your payments? Contact us preferably by phone at 0033 (0) 9 72 32 87 84

How can I make an application?

You can fill in the online form by clicking here. You can also register by sending us the application form attached in the brochure at the following address:

  • MUSICALTA – 28, rue Allard – 94160 Saint-Mandé – FRANCE

3 hours

Time of minimum personal work guaranteed without any supplementary fees for boarding students (instruments available for pianists and harpists for free)

1 unique location

No need to go anywhere ! Musicalta provides students with classrooms, working spaces, meals, accomodation and leisure activities in one unique campus.

35 to 45

minutes per individual lesson in average

6 to 8

individual lessons in average per session

Not a pianist?

Piano accompagnists are available for students (singers and instrumentalists).

You want to attend the academy?

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