It was in 1994 that the project of a music workshop was born in a small village in Alsace with only one class. Today, Musicalta continues to promote music during the summer vacations in Rouffach with courses welcoming more than 60 teachers of all disciplines for the edition of the summer music course 2024.

. Musicalta’s music workshops offer a broad discovery of musical philosophy and the practice of various instruments such as piano, guitar, violin, wind instruments, string instruments and many others.

Around a team of internationally renowned musician-professors, the Musicalta music workshop gathers pedagogical means particularly adapted to the students. Musicalta is accessible to any instrumentalist, singer or composer wishing to improve in ideal working conditions. Whether you are a singer, a guitarist, a pianist, a violinist, as a soloist or a member of an orchestra, and whatever your musical background, registering and training in one of our music courses can only improve your musical practice.

The Musicalta academy offers private and group lessons in many disciplines and accommodation in an exceptional setting in the heart of Alsace. Thus, even children and young music lovers can follow Musicalta’s training during their vacations with a teacher who is himself a musician and who is at ease with the training of trainee musicians.

internationally renowned professors

students each year

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The Musicalta music workshop offers many complementary free accesses to all students including: a large string ensemble, vocal workshops, choral singing, body awakening, composition workshops, conferences as well as access to the Musicalta International Festival concerts. Each concert, taking place in France or around the world, gathers an orchestra or musicians passionate about world music: jazz music, baroque music or any other musical style are honored.

In a huge park at the foot of the vineyards in France, the campus offers a unique living and working space for young students. All major activities take place on campus where students have direct access to classes, accommodations, student concerts, rehearsal rooms and pianos, and recreational activities for relaxation. The discovery of the musical universe during this workshop will allow the trainees to perfect their musical talents during their school vacations.

An Academy paired with the Musicalta International Festival

During the season, the academy organizes more than 40 concerts for students who have the opportunity to perform in different formations (recital, chamber music, orchestra, choir…) in more than ten different places in France, in Paris or elsewhere.

The artistic content of the event, the unity of the place essential to the success of the stay, the natural and patrimonial environment of the campus and the know-how of the teams make Musicalta a great international event and an unavoidable music course 2024. Music clinics are an opportunity to get many young music lovers out of their bedrooms by allowing them to expand their musical skills and take part in a concert.

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