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A few words from the artistic director

o make live an ambitious music festival far from cities, such was the crazy that we started in 1996.

Making the choice of excellence, it is constantly taking height. « ALTA » united with « MUSIC » and the first notes of Musicalta rang one evening in August in the Vosges Mountains in Alsace.

The arrival of Musicalta in Rouffach country in 2001 was a second wind, the event is found reception capacities adapted to the public and natural heritage and exceptional architectural ideally located on the wine road.

Here, the greatest masterpieces of the music of the eighteenth century daily rub with contemporary, contemporary music or electro-acoustic music. The residences of P. Leroux, M. Levinas, W. Motz, S. Giraud, P. Mefano, T. Blondeau, N. Jack, A. Schlünz, J. Y. Park are all moments that mark the history of the festival.

Musicalta is also the spotlight against forgotten composers, sometimes unfairly, including a tribute to Charles Koechlin in 2000 and in 2002 Guillaume Lekeu … « And while the world famous Bach, Musicalta,

which appears to have chosen the productive margins, pays tribute to Charles Koechlin … » Corinne Ibram – July 2000 – L’EXPRESS

From the beginning at Trois-Epis, Labaroche and Rouffach then, we have hosted concerts around ambitious prestigious guests including the Fine Arts Quartet, Gilles Apap, Philippe Bernold, the Philharmonie in Baden Baden, Jean-Frédéric Neuburger, Alexandre Tharaud, the Quatuor Debussy, Michaël Levinas, Brigitte Engerer, Emma Johnson, …

These outstanding musicians have been with us since 1996. This season Musicalta will bring together outstanding performers of the classical musical stage.

There is a Musicalta tone Intimacy has been the keyword and music is treated with respect. Tarif policy and musical choices open widely the Festival doors. Musicalta is a meeting place for all the festival-goers where frenziness around the programs rhymes with casual atmosphere.

Please come and share with us the experience of a festival not quite like any other.

Francis Duroy

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