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Since 1996, Musicalta has built its projects around the international summer Academy which takes place in the French region of Alsace. Each summer, far from cities centers, Musicalta transforms the place into a large welcoming campus.

Thanks to the new project Lyon Printemps Musical, Musicalta offers a new Academy in the heart of the city of Lyon in which the masterclasses will take place in well-known museums of Lyon.

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Lyon Printemps Musical Academy

From April 10th to 16th, 2017 in Lyon

In the heart of the city of Lyon, « Lyon Printemps Musical » will spread into incredible and unique places. The masterclasses will take place characterized by their exceptional heritage: Museum of Fine Arts, Museum of Fine Fabrics, Gallo-Roman Museum, Museum of Printing.

They will be led by Julien Beaudiment, Philippe Bernold, Marc Danel, Virginie Robilliard, Pascale Feuvrier, Françoise Friedrich, Marie-Thérèse Keller, Yovan Markovitch, Gilles Millet and Jérôme Pernoo.

Musicalta Rouffach Academy

From July 17th to August 5th 2017 in Alsace

The music Academy Musicalta provides tailored educational conditions to students, thanks to a team gathering well-known musicians/professors.

All activities of the Academy are gathered in a unique place, the LEGTA Campus in Rouffach which is valuable for its wide areas which breaths in rhythm with a continuous musical spirit. This unique place enable students and professors to have access to ideal working conditions thanks to which they can exchange in a tailored and personal way around many activities.

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