Free access

The music academy Musical offers a number of free activities open to all students in addition to the main courses, including:

  • Access to the Musicala Music Festival concerts
  • Singing and choral workshops
  • Large string ensemble
  • Physical awakening activities every morning
  • Composition workshops (composer’s pieces performed)
  • Lectures

Yoga (Session 1)

I discovered yoga around ten years ago during a trip to Sri Lanka and have been practising it ever since. First as a hobby, then gradually as a way of life.

With regular practice and a combination of ASANAS (postures), PRANAYAMAS (breathing) and DHYANA (meditation), we can see a marked improvement in our physical, mental and emotional health.

On a physical level :

  • More suppleness
  • More tonification
  • Less pain
  • Purification and hydration of the body thanks to improved circulation of fluids
  • Strengthening of the immune system

On a mental level :

  • Self-confidence
  • More energy and better quality of sleep
  • Improves concentration
  • Improves memory
  • Greater creativity

Emotionally :

  • Control your emotions
  • Letting go
  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • Inner peace
  • Greater self-knowledge

In 2019 I was certified YOGA teacher in India: SRI SRI SCHOOL OF YOGA.

Since April 2024, certified YOGA & YOGA NIDRA GAÏA HEALER teacher in India: ACADEMIE INTERNATIONAL DE YOGA.

YOGA NIDRA is a very ancient meditation technique, literally meaning ‘Yogic Sleep’, which enables practitioners to enter a deeper state of more conscious relaxation, where our senses, intellect and mind can completely relax and rest.

Brain activity decreases and the body enters a state of healing, eliminating toxins at a cellular level, refreshing the mind and clearing emotional baggage from the subconscious.

The combination of YOGA and YOGA NIDRA in regular practice is a very valuable aid to improving our physical, mental and emotional health.

It’s a support that enables us to live a richer, more serene life.

I invite you to come and experience all this, in a practice that respects your possibilities, a gentle yoga where everyone will find their place and progress according to their needs, personality, age and abilities, without any spirit of competition.

With Corinne Coï

– Passionate about everything to do with Well-being and natural health, I began my career change 15 years ago.

Initially trained in different massage techniques from around the world, I also followed a Sophro-Relaxation Sophro-Relaxation course at the Cassiopée Formation institute.

During these two years, I became aware of the importance of the synergy between body and mind.

Since then, I’ve never stopped training in different, more therapeutic massage techniques.

.Sophrologyand massage are, for me, the path to better living.

A course in HathaYoga in 2019 in India (Art of living )has enriched my area of expertise.

Since April 2024, I’ve also been certified in Gaïa Healer Yoga-Nidra (guided meditation) .

My travels in Asia, the birthplace of all these techniques I’m passionate about, have led me to offer a range of wellness holidays.

Through my experience, I’d like to introduce you to my world.

I’m here to help you if, like me, you want to feel more alive, in the life you’ve chosen.

I want to inspire you, to show you that it’s possible to rise above yourself and believe in yourself.

Accompanying you, supporting you in all areas of life, giving you wings is my motto.

Class content

Group classes are held daily at 13:30 and 17:30. Private classes are on demand.

– As a single option, the student can participate in 5 group classes as well as a 15-minute private class.

– As a reinforced option, he/she can access all group classes as well as a private class of 1h30 (or 2 classes of 45 minutes).

After Musicalta, the student will have the capacity to carry on practicing yoga by him/herself (and even share it safely with his family and friends!) or take classes with a good personnal experience.

Yoga (Session 2)

The word Yoga means union, connection. Therefore, practicing yoga is about uniting, harmonizing the different facets of one’s life. It is both an art, a science and a philosophy, but it can also rhyme with physical activity, relaxation and well-being.

Reposant sur les principes de l’ayurveda (médecine traditionnelle indienne), il permet de se rapprocher du principe de pleine santé (swasta).

It acts deeply and efficiently on mental, emotional and physical levels :

  • better breathing
  • mental clarity
  • emotional balance
  • physical well-being
  • disapearance or decrease of physical discomforts (back pain etc.)
  • better mobility (balance, flexibility…)
  • better digestion
  • muscle and joint strenghtening
  • loss of body fat
  • increased focus
  • anchoring in the present moment
  • reduction of anxiety
  • better sleep quality
  • reconnection to the values of benevolence and respect
  • harmonisation of social relationships
  • better knowledge of self
  • inner peace


According to our needs, many techniques are available :

  • Asanas are the postures of Yoga,

we will discover 20 of them, with great enjoyment and artistry.

  • Pranayamas are the breathing techniques,

we will explore 4 of them, which will greatly enhance your automatic breathing patterns.

  • Samadhi is the result of meditation :

recovering the authenticity of the child’s mind with the maturity of the adult’s.

  • Good living :

Yoga considers that every thought, spoken word and action impacts human beings and their level of well-being in their globality, that is why our relationship to sleep, food, information, the unconscious, other people etc. is primordial

Sinclair Smith

Since a very young age, Sinclair has been living close to yoga thanks to his grandmother. When he was 9, he tried for the first time – thanks to a book – the breathing techniques (pranayama) which gave him an idea of how extraordinary these practices are. It was such a deep experience that it remained with him ever since. At the age of 24 he started practicing the postures which enabled him to cure serious health issues. Since then he never stopped teaching this art of living and keeps on studying and practicing, sometimes during long study trips in India, as its culture with all its paradoxes are an important dimension of his path.


Class content

Group classes take place once a day : either at 12:30 or at 17:30

Private classes are on demand

Simple option : the student can attend 4 group classes

Reinforced option : the student can attend as many group classes as he or she wants and has access to private lessons (1 hour or 2×30 min)

Times are indicative and can be modified to allow all students to participate.

Yoga is a window on all the techniques humanity has developped since the dawn of time to understand what it actually is and how to live best. In every culture we can find pearls of wisdom, which can be collected or practiced. One of the most beautiful of those treasures is the realisation that “everything” we really need is already inside of us. But

attaining this “everything” requires a little bit of work… Sinclair teaches in the corporate world and gives private lessons in Geneva, Switzerland and organizes yoga retreats in the south of Spain. He also proposes Life Sessions (holistic coaching*) which help reach one’s full potential of wisdom, clarify one’s life purpose and eventually blossom. *taking into account all aspects of human life

Profondeur des cimes

Qi Gong (Session 2)

Meaning “cultivation of energy”, it can be considered as a chinese form of yoga.

Generally very gentle regarding its physical aspects, we work thanks to an understanding of chinese traditional medicine (chi, meridians, organs). We practice a series of 5 postures according to the Universal Healing Tao system of master Mantak Chia (with breath and visualisations).

Here are the main benefits :

  • better breathing
  • disapearance or decrease of physical discomforts (back pain etc.)
  • emotional balance
  • better digestion
  • muscle and joint strenghtening
  • better mobility (balance, flexibility…)
  • good digestion
  • anchoring in the present moment
  • reduction of anxiety
  • better sleep quality
  • anchoring in the present moment
  • better knowledge of self
  • better sleep quality
  • emotional balance
  • harmonisation of social relationships


Class content

Group classes take place once a day : either at 12:30 or at 17:30

Private classes are on demand

Simple option : the student can attend 4 group classes

Reinforced option : the student can attend as many group classes as he or she wants and has access to private lessons (1 hour or 2×30 min)

(times are indicative and can be modified to allow all students to participate).

Sinclair Smith, Yoga teacher will teach Qi Gong.


holistic coaching* (Session 2)

*taking into account all aspects of human life

“Until you have made your unconscious conscious, it will rule your life (…)”
Carl Gustav Jung

An interesting vision consists in perceiving each and everyone as a reflection of oneself, as a source of teachings and an opportunity to evolve.
In this way, we all benefit from one another’s life experiences (or we make each other suffer because of them…)
The more you clarify your psychology, the more you work on yourself, the more your capacity to listen to the other increases, as well as your lucidity. It is simple mathematics. The more we spend time with an other person, the more we influence each other.

The various techniques and traditions I have been studying and practicing for almost 10 years are basically ways to understand why our heart is not opened as much as it could and how to heal that, and eventually thrive. Again, it is simple : what percentage of ourselves remains in the shadows, what percentage is in the light ?

The two main tools I use are called Human Design and the Gene Keys. They are systems that synthesize ancestral wisdom (from ancient China and India as well as from various mystical and chamanic traditions) with modern and scientific understandings of reality (mainly epigenetics : how our behaviour affects the expression of our genes).

Thanks to the analysis of your profile – obtained thanks to your date, hour (if known) and place of birth – we will witness the birth of an ocean of understanding and acceptation like there are few in one’s lifetime ! And often, the essential themes of gratitude, forgiveness and self-confidence follow shortly.

On a personal level, these are the most powerful sources of evolution I ever came across.

After the first session, you can easily carry on by yourself or with my help for a little while. A key point is the temporary place those systems are destined to take in one’s life : once you have found the source of wisdom within, you don’t need them anymore.

Beyond the free profile found on the internet (which you can already do at or*), you will be invited to fill in a questionary regarding your life path, your level of happiness (in every aspect of your life) and your life purpose.

* the Gene Keys are more accessible to the newcomer than Human Design

Looking forward to meeting you, Warm regards,
Sinclair Smith-Devemy

“The XXI century will be spiritual or it will not take place”

André Malraux

Class content

Group sessions happen 3 times during the 10 days

Private classes are on demand

Simple option : the student can attend 2 group sessions and one 30 min private session

Reinforced option : the student can attend the 3 group sessions and two 45 min private sessions


Sinclair Smith, professeur de Yoga assurera l’enseignement du coaching holistique.


F.M. Alexander Technique

Opened to every person wishing to find tools for a better postural balance bringing more well-being and freedom and less stress. Ces cours s’adressent aux musiciens en situation d’apprentissage, de performance ou déjà pédagogues.

The Frederick Matthias Alexander Technique is a method which allows the redeployment of the muscular system by avoiding the useless tensions. It helps the body by helping to stop with bad conscious or unconscious postures. It allows to develop a better ” use of oneself ” respectful of the body.

The FM Alexander technique aims for adopting good postural habits through 5 procedures. These procedures will help the student to release muscular tension, to play without hindrance and with lightness, thus giving him more speed and fluidity.

The F.M. Alexander technique will be taught by Claire Brunaud during sessions 1 and 2.

Claire Brunaud

Piano teacher, holder of a Master’s degree in Music and Musicology from Paris-IV Sorbonne University with the speciality Music and Arts-Plastique, Claire Brunaud is also holder of a diploma delivered by the Training center of Technique Alexander ( CFTA) of Paris.
Since then, she is training musicians, dancers and comedians. She is also teaching music music theory and musical awakening in a dynamic and physical prospect.
De plus, elle se perfectionne en direction de chœur auprès de différents chefs.

Claire Brunaud is a teacher of musical training at the CRR of Cergy Pontoise and also a teacher of musical training for dancers at the Conservatoire Paul Dukas – Paris 12.

Claire Brunaud is also involved in another artistic domain through the painting and through the illustration.

Class content

Claire Brunaud works on 4 group classes and 2 individual classes of 30 to 45 minutes. The first four classes are collective. They take place every other day in order to let the body operate changes between each class. Then, Claire Brunaud gives 2 individual classes. During the last individual class, the student brings his instrument to enable him to practice what he will have learnt during that session.



PEP® and Mental Training

The PEP® method (Process- and Embodiment-focused Psychology) according to Michael Bohne, is an effective and simple technique to reduce anxiety and stress. The short and focused interventions allow you to feel more comfortable in exam situations, to work on your instrument in the best conditions and to succeed in performing at your best level.

By stimulating neural networks (tapping on acupuncture points, rolling the eyes, humming, counting, saying affirmations, etc.), thought, feeling and behavior patterns are changed.

PEP® helps to detect unconscious blocks and negative thoughts that can be the source of stress and stage fright and to overcome them. It improves one’s relationship with oneself and with others and provides protection against burnout and secondary traumas.

The basic method – a particular sequence of tapping – can easily be learned in a group. For learning, it is enough to imagine the particular moment of unpleasant and stressful feeling and to tap at the same time. Learning this technique provides emotional support in any stressful situation, either in the workplace or in everyday situations.

PEP® private coaching allows you to work on personal themes, to become aware of negative thoughts and to replace them with “positive immunization phrases”. Complemented with mental training techniques, a PEP® coaching session can trigger a process of transformation and personal development by giving access to the positive resources of the unconscious and the power of the imagination.

Felicia Terpitz, a violin soloist, winner of several international competitions, concertmaster in an orchestra, and violin teacher for 20 years, began her certified “Mental Training” during the summer of 2020 lockdown. As a mother of three children, she sees the increased suffering of young people in the face of a distant school system reduced to individual learning on the computer. Finding herself at the point of not being able to learn new pieces on the violin, Felicia Terpitz decides to search for the “What, How, Why…” of our thoughts.

This research led him to realize with greater awareness the importance of the body for psychic well-being. Between June and October 2021 she attended the PEP® training course at Michael Bohne and trained in this method with which she has been working ever since with great success, especially with musicians.

Felicia Terpitz, specializes in the development of sound and self-expression in connection with self-acceptance complemented by body exercises and mental techniques.

The PEP option takes place in a collective workshop: 5 to 6 workshops per session lasting 50 to 60 minutes are planned.

The Strengthened PEP option is organized into 3 individual sessions of approximately 45 minutes during which personal themes are discussed with or without an instrument (stage fright, fear of the exam, fear of appearing in public). Students enrolled in the enhanced option also have access to the PEP workshop.

Improvisation and creation (Session 2)

“Improvisation is not the result of chance, but the result of the accumulation of all the dreams, beliefs and hopes of our soul”. Yehudi Menuhin

This workshop is for all musicians who want to discover improvisation. It is open to all levels, from beginners to the most experienced.

The workshop is divided into several stages to guide each participant through this discovery in a structured and progressive way. Through simple, fun exercises that everyone can do, each participant gradually gains the confidence to improvise.

By putting the score aside for a while, we open the door to all the music we have built up within us, to all our inner possibilities for expression, to our “musical song”.

Several aspects of improvisation will be covered, including tonal improvisation in a variety of classical and popular styles based on given forms, and free improvisation exploring sound in a variety of ways with a support (poetic texts, stories, images, etc.).

– A warm-up for the body; exercises drawn from different approaches to the body (Alexander, Dalcroze, Tai chi)

  • Start-up to awaken the mind: games drawn from theatrical improvisation

– Tonal improvisation in a variety of classical and popular styles based on given forms – Work on tones, rhythms, rhythmic formulas, etc.

– Discovering ways of playing the instrument and collective free improvisation games.

– Choosing a medium (poem/invented story/cartoon, etc.)

– Invention of a musical itinerary and public performance (optional)

The simple option takes the form of a workshop: 5 to 6 workshops per session lasting 50 to 60 minutes.

The enhanced option consists of 3 individual sessions lasting around 45 minutes, with improvisation work in the style requested by the student. Students enrolled in the reinforced option also have access to the workshop

« Managing Stress » Workshop (Session 1)

Sophrology will help strengthen your mind-body connection and sharpen your focus, engaging all your senses to be present when you need them most. Teach your body and mind to work in tandem. And be aware that what affects the mind, affects the body, and vice versa. So, it’s essential to take care of both in performance and in everyday life.

Thanks to SOPHROLOGY and advice based on her experience as a practitioner of Ayurvedic medicine and as a coach, Margot has put together this workshop to:

1/ 1/ Become aware of your body, of tensions and physical pain; and then find your own personal solutions.

2/ Calm inner speech and parasitic thoughts.

3/ Manage emotions to use them in artistic performance.

TheSophrology uses BREATHING exercises, dynamic RELAXATION (gentle body movements) and positive VISUALIZATION. It can be practiced sitting on a chair or standing, and is accessible to all.

The Ayurveda is the traditional Indian medicine. This 5,000-year-old “science of life” considers man as a whole (body and mind). Adapting your NUTRITION and lifestyle to improve your energy, to take care of your body, which is so much in demand, and to reconnect with the pleasure of performance.

Course organization:

1 hour group classes in English will take placeeveryday.

Each class will be made up of practical exercises and theoretical input, as well as reflection points to help students find their own personal lifestyle.

As a reinforced option, the student will of course have access to all group classes, as well as 4 individual sessions to deepen their knowledge together.

Like all techniques and new learning, sophrology must be learned and practiced regularly. That’s why I’ll allow students to record their sessions, so they can practice again on their own.

Margot : Having personally experienced the importance of taking care of her body as well as her mind in order to achieve goals in life, Margot decided to focus on helping others. Trained in COACHING and then in SOPHROLOGY, for over 10 years now she has been accompanying people on individual sessions or in workshops to help them progress towards greater well-being. When the body functions well, the mind is calm, the emotions become good guides and we’re in tune with ourselves; then we feel joyful, stress remains at a mobilizing and non-inhibiting level, the body is full of energy and the mind is available and creative. For the past 5 years, she has been trained in Ayurveda (as a practitioner and massage therapist), as this common-sense medicine has become an obvious way of taking care of herself and others.

As an expatriate for many years in various countries (Gabon, Oman, Bahrain, Lithuania, Cyprus), she knows how to adapt her sessions and workshops to different audiences by listening and empathy combined with the energy needed to change and progress.

Knowing yourself and learning to listen to yourself opens up so many possibilities!


Massage (Session 1)

Workshop “Ayurvedic Massages” Each massage has a therapeutic purpose, essentially to help the body restore its healthy balance. A massage will contribute to:

  • Relax the body – Release tensions and knots
  • Help the mind calm down – improve concentration and creativity
  • Stimulate the lymphatic and circulatory systems
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Help the digestive system
  • Nourish and treat the skin in depth


Margot Espinassehas been practicing Ayurvedic medicine for 4 years. Fundamentally, this “science of life” considers each person as a whole (body and mind) and seeks to maintain or restore the internal balance (the Doshas) specific to each person. Massages are an integral part of this medicine, both preventative and curative.

Ayurveda also considers lifestyle, diet, physical exercise, sleep, and medicinal plants as essential elements to help maintain good health.


Hot oil massages of the whole body or only certain parts (back, neck, hands, feet, stomach, etc.) Choice made with the person.

Different massage intensity depending on needs.

3 hours of massage in total to be divided according to the needs of the person.


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