The French region Alsace counts 1226 organs which is the largest organ heritage in France. The region welcomed the renowned dynasties of organs builders (Silbermann, Callinet, Rinckenback, …) and witnessed the rise of several composers and musicians.

Come discover and work on these extraordinary instruments while attending a unique organ class under the guidance of Lionel Avot.

Organs available with Musicalta

Unvaluable historic instrument, the Musicalta organs were built by one of the largest dynasty in France, the Callinet. Cavaillé-Coll, who was impressed by their work, came to visit in Alsace to learn from their art. Other makers have also built remarkable instruments in the region. Here is some organs accessible during the academy:

Rouffach, Notre-Dame C.I. Callinet (1855 – III/P 36)
Voegtlinshoffen, St-Nicolas J. Besançon (1768 – I/P 14)
Merxheim, Église Saints-Pierre-et-Paul
Pfaffenheim, Eglise Saint-Martin

Cernay, Eglise Saint-Antoine
Westhalten, Eglise Saint-Blaise
Oberhergheim, Eglise Saint-Léger

The other instruments in Musicalta