2020 Musicalta Music Festival

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25 years that we have chosen to unpack our suitcases in the heart of Alsace to carry music always higher and to the greatest number far from the big cities.

25 years of happiness in reinventing each season and renewing the enchantment of this Musicalta frenzy around composers of yesterday and today and musicians … who never really leave the Musicalta scene.

25 years of laughs, joys, emotions from Musicalta audiences that make us dream. Because in the Musicalta halls, we participate; we sing, we whistle, we clap our hands hard, we stand up and we exhaust ourselves until the last bit.

25 years that we have been traveling across the country at breakneck speed to be everywhere at the same time and that we hope that the public is wiser than us.

25 years… For Musicalta, which has become a must in the international festival landscape in France, it’s time to set out again for new adventures.

25 years… This is an opportunity to tell you how delightful we are to have been able to reinvent ourselves every year with you and to have reached this age together.

25 years… This is a wedding celebrated with the public, the musicians, the territory of the country of Rouffach Vineyards and Castles, the volunteers and all the partners of the event that we thank for this beautiful adventure lived together.

25 years… It is a jubilee that we will celebrate with exceptional musicians some of whom are regulars of the Musicalta scene: Simon Ghraichy, Gilles Apap, Myriam Lafargue, the Yako Quartet, Marco Schiavo, Sergio Marchegiani, Jean- François Antonioli, Yuuki Wong, Carine Zarifian, Gaetano Adorno, Agnès Domergue…
It is also the pride of programming our students; the former who became great musicians such as Pierre-Emmanuel Faye, Maude Georges and Florent Mayet and the students of the promotion 2020 of the Orchestra and Chorus of the Academy of the Festival.
It is also the honor to celebrate this 25th season with such personalities as Marie-Christine Barrault, Aiman ​​Mussakhajayeva, Maria Pia Tricoli, Bakhydzhan Mussakhodzayeva, and the State Symphony Orchestra of Kazakhstan.

May the adventure continue!

Francis Duroy, Artistic Director & Florence Lab, Administrator



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