Thomas Menuet

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It is as a pianist that Thomas Menuet makes his first musical experiences. Wishing to compose since always it is with the conservatory of Caen that it composes officially. Subsequently he is admitted to the CRR and then to the CNSMD – Superior Conservatory in Paris.

Since then he has composed acoustic, electroacoustic and mixed works. Basically interested in the body, he produced a series of works mixing heartbeat and live instrumental, marking many soloists.

Thomas Menuet multiplies his projects and participates in theater and dance productions. He also works with dancers and musicians on various aspects and questions concerning the body.

 In addition to his activities as a composer, Thomas Menuet is also involved in numerous educational projects.

He regularly teaches composition classes during masterclasses as well as in national conservatories. He directs a composition workshop at the CRR in Angers in 2018-2019.