Ideal for recharging your batteries between two scales, the town of Chatou offers a unique setting with a very special atmosphere.

The town of Chatou is indeed known for its Impressionist Island which was a source of inspiration for great painters including Sisley, Monet, Degas, Courbet Manet and Renoir who painted the “Boating Lunch” there Initiatives are multiplying to revive this island. It is crossed by routes to be traveled by bike or on foot: the Seine by bike or the Renoir circuit between the Seine and reproductions of impressionists’ paintings, stretching out their arms to let off steam between two instrument lessons.

Chatou is also home to an important architectural heritage to explore if you have the time: the Soufflot nymphaeum, the Château de la Faisanderie, the Church of Notre Dame, the Restaurant Fournaise, the Levanneur house and the fully restored water station which makes a tribute to recreational boating, so popular with Parisians in the 19th century.

The Printemps Musical music master classes will take place in 2022 at the Chatou conservatory, Espace Hal Singer.

Accessible by RER, located in the heart of the city, the conservatory is in the immediate vicinity of shops and restaurants.

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