Companies, you wish to…

Be at the heart of the event ?
Make cultural excellence an axis of communication?
Contribute to the training program of a young musician (Academy grant)?
Benefit from concert tickets, free CDs, dedicated posters, VIP Status…?

Your generosity will make this experience unforgettable

by allowing us to:


  • Cover cachet fees, plus travel and accommodation fees for artists
  • Cover the rental costs of the instruments
  • Organize concerts with young talents throughout the territory
  • Cover some of the communication costs
  • Sustain the future seasons of the festival
  • Welcome you in conditions worthy of the biggest halls

Join us ! 

Benefit from counterparties: concert tickets, free CDs, dedicated posters, VIP Status… 

For 5 000€ of donation, benefit from 50 free concert tickets at 25€

For 10 000€ of donation, benefit from 100 free concert tickets at 25 €

♪ Become a benefactor, contribute to the training course of young musician(s) by participating in their stay at the Academy Musicalta – Contact us at +33 (0)9 72 32 87 84

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