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Free access

The music academy Musical offers a number of free activities open to all students in addition to the main courses, including:

  • Access to the Musicala Music Festival concerts
  • Singing and choral workshops
  • Large string ensemble
  • Physical awakening activities every morning
  • Composition workshops (composer’s pieces performed)
  • Lectures

Complementary courses

Florence Lab is a certified coach specialized in accompaniment of the musician, she has a great expertise in music professions.

Concert harpsichordist and professor in various conservatories for more than 10 years, then co-founder and manager of Musicalta (Festival, Academy, Grandes Scènes, Lyon Printemps Musical) since 1994, she now puts her different experiences and coaching skills at the service of accompanying musicians.

Florence Lab makes positive thinking her main line of work to accompany each of her coachees in a unique way in the management of stress and stage fright as well as in the conduct of the professional project.

After studying harpsichord at the National Conservatory – CRR in Strasbourg, Florence Lab continued her studies at the Athens Conservatory – Greece, at the CNSMD in Lyon with Huguette Dreyfus and at the Sweelinck Conservatory in Amsterdam – Netherlands, with Gustav Leonhardt.

Between 1989 and 2000, she performed concerts in France as harpsichord solo with numerous orchestras such as the National Orchestra of Lyon, the Philharmonic Orchestra from Lorraine, the “Ensemble instrumental” from Grenoble, the “Camerata de France”, the Bernard Thomas Chamber Orchestra, the chamber orchestra “Archets de Paris”… She also participates in numerous concerts as soloist and chamber music in France, Germany and United States as well as in radio and television recordings in Greece and France. She performed alongside Philippe Bernold, Jean-Pierre Rampal, Maurice André, Francis Duroy, Benoît Fromanger, Emmanuelle Bertrand, Jean Estournet, Denis Raisin Dadre, Jean-Guihen Queyras, Philippe Lenoir, David Walter…

Between 1989 and 1995, she taught harpsichord, continuo and chamber music at the Lyon CRR, Grenoble CRR and Villeurbanne CRD.

In 1994, Florence Lab founded Musicalta with Francis Duroy. In 1998, she obtained a Master degree in “Cultural Development and Administration: Project Management” at the University of Lyon 2.

Florence Lab has been an RNCP Level I certified professional coach since 2017.

Technique F.M. Alexander

Opened to every person wishing to find tools for a better postural balance bringing more well-being and freedom and less stress. These courses are aimed at all musicians in situation of learning, playing or already teaching.

The Frederick Matthias Alexander Technique  is a method which allows the redeployment of the muscular system by avoiding the useless tensions. It helps the body by helping to stop with bad conscious or unconscious postures. It allows to develop  a better ” use of oneself ” respectful of the body.

The F.M. Alexander technique will be taught by Marina Nguen The in Session 1 and Claire Brunaud during sessions 1 and 2.


Marina Nguyen The

Cello: concertist chamber musician, Professor of Artistic Education, professor of Alexander Technique.

As a committed chamber musician, she is a founding member of the Léonore String Quartet, a subsidized ensemble in residence at the City of Levallois, created in 1998. With the Quartet, she is invited in many festivals (Meursault Festival, St-Paul-de-France Festival). Vence, Hyères Festival, Pays d’Auge Festival, Festival in Pays d’Olt, Montansier Theater in Versailles, Festival of White Mantles …).
She performs throughout the year in various chamber formations ranging from duet to octet, and also participates in several productions of musical comedies in small numbers (for example “Jack”, staged Samuel Séné, music Michel Frantz, on display at the theater Treviso in 2019).

Passionate about teaching, Marina Nguyen The is Professor of Artistic Education at the Maurice Ravel Conservatory in Levallois. She taught 25 years at the Charles Munch Conservatory of the XIth district of Paris.

Marina Nguyen The is also a graduate professor at the Alexander Technique Center in Paris (CFTA), directed by Agnès de Brunhoff. She runs collective introductory workshops on Alexander Technique (body awareness, work on new self-use and instrument applications) and gives individual lessons.


Claire Brunaud

Professor of Technique F.M. Alexander, Pianist
Graduate of the Technical Training center Alexander-Paris

Piano teacher, holder of a Master’s degree in Music and Musicology from Paris-IV Sorbonne University with the speciality Music and Arts-Plastique, Claire Brunaud is also holder of a diploma delivered by the Training center of Technique Alexander ( CFTA) of Paris.
Since then, she is training musicians, dancers and comedians. She is also teaching music music theory and musical awakening in a dynamic and physical prospect. She is also improving in Choir conducting with different conductors.
Claire Brunaud is also involved in another artistic domain through the painting and through the illustration.


Sophrology - Ayurveda

The practice of SOPHROLOGY is accessible to all. Mixing breathing techniques, visualization and gentle body movements, each person can learn to channel their mind, feel their body and their emotions. It brings a lot of inner calm, self-confidence and in the future, it can revive energy and vitality in each of us. In addition, regular practice allows you to become aware of the position of your body at every moment, any unnecessary contractions and then consciously release tension. You will also gain a better understanding of the importance of breathing and its power over your body. Finally, Sophrology is a powerful tool to prepare yourself for a exam or a future stressful situation.

AYURVEDA, traditional Indian medicine, addresses the body in its entirety by taking into account the constitution of each individual (dominant dosha) in order to propose lifestyle habits (diet, exercise, rhythm of life) and adapted massages. This allows each person to face the various external aggressions (environment, situations, diet) while maintaining their internal physiological balance. Each session allows you to better understand what is good for you, in relation to your constitution (prakriti) and your imbalances (vikriti), and each massage accordingly to release physical and mind tensions and help rebalance your body.

Margot Espinasse 
Relaxation therapy
Ayurvedic massage

Margot Espinasse worked for a number of years in human resources and then decided to turn more to people and help everyone develop their full potential. Certified Life Coach in 2009 (from Cohesion International), she realizes little by little that she misses a dimension to her accompaniments. Her sophrology training brings the necessary tool to guide everyone towards their feelings and soothe their mind. While expatriated for 10 years in Oman, Ayurveda comes to her naturally by the meeting of Indians also expatriated there. She is trained to become a body practitioner in Ayurveda (Atreya Abyanga method- European Institute of Vedic Studies) and this new understanding and knowledge of the human in its totality (body / mind) while subjected to the external influences, seems now essential to understand the unique and individual functioning of everyone. 

Breathing, Food, Physical Activity, Massage: The Basics of a Life in Accordance with Yourself.

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