Alongside the summer Festival and Academy, Musicalta also works with school audiences throughout the year in the PAROVIC, Pays de Rouffach, Vignobles et Châteaux area.

Since 2016, residency workshops have been organized each year with various schools: Lycée, Collèges and elementary schools in the territory.

This year, several residencies took place in Rouffach and in particular at Les Sillons where, under the direction of the intervening artist, 3rd grade students created an original piece “Bienvenue aux Sillons” dedicated especially to a major event scheduled for May 2024.

Indeed, “Bienvenue aux Sillons” was broadcast to the public lors du during the 14th Congress of the European Viticultural High School Network, held at the Rouffach Campus on May 21 and 22, 2024.

Our applause to the students for this unique creation!