vincent guillot fluteAfter general and artistic studies in Grenoble where he received a regional award for flute in 1978 , Vincent Guillot imrpoved over three years with Patrick Gallois, while soloist of the “Orchestre National de France” and internationally renowned solo flutist of the ensemble of Grenoble from 1979 to 1996, and with which he will also give many concerts as a soloist .

Invited by the Louvre-Grenoble orchestra musicians for productions on modern flute instruments, he is also a founding member and flutist at Tenso 5 (wind quintet) Ensemble and flutist at Carpe Diem Ensemble.

Vincent Guillot is holder of the french teaching diploma and he is professor at Grenoble Régional Conservatory since 1979. He was also regularly invited as a consultant and teaching mentor at Lyon CEFEDEM.