The Musicalta Academy will take place from July 21st to August 10th.

Musicalta Academy is open to all instrumentalists or singers who wish to improve their musical skills in ideal conditions.

Musicalta music academy offers:

– An exceptional 2 ha campus located in a huge park
– All activities centralized on the campus (courses, practice rooms, accommodation, meals and even leisure)
– Free additional activities

The 2022 discipline

Violin I Viola I Cello
Piano I Organ
Harp I Guitar
Singing I Choir conducting
Flute I Clarinet
Bassoon | Horn | Accordion
Chamber music
Improvisation and creation
Composition I MAO I Musique with the images
Coaching I Technique Alexander
Yoga | Qi Gong | PEP
Take advantage of a 50€ discount for all full board registrations before february 1st, 2022.