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When music finds its way where it is not expected…

Since more than 20 years, Musicalta opens classical music horizons with several significant events. Since 1996, we successfully organize each summer a Festival and an International Academy in the heart of the French region of Alsace. In 2013, the creation of “Grandes Scènes Musicalta” was the next logical and meaningful step in Musicalta artistic path, with several concerts of amazing and outstanding artists organized in the most prestigious concert halls in France. The new project “Lyon Printemps Musical”, in the heart of the city of Lyon, will have people look at classical music with brand new eyes.

When talking about classical music, we often picture it in an opera concert hall or in Music Academies. It is time to change habits and have musicians play in places where classical music is not usually played and taught!

Let’s organize a new Festival like no other

In order to achieve this objective, we will proceed in two steps:

  1. Take music out of places where it is usually heard,
  2. Get together young talented and promising students and well-known soloists in a project gathering masterclasses and concerts.

The city of Lyon immediately appeared to us as the perfect place to organize our first season of « Printemps Musical »!

Many prestigious cultural heritage institutions positively responded to the project: the must-see salle Molière or the Musée des Beaux-Arts (Lyon Museum of Fine Arts), le Musée Gallo-Romain (Lyon Gallo-Roman Museum), le Musée des Tissus (Lyon Museum of Fine Fabrics), le Musée des Arts décoratifs (Lyon Museum of Decorative Arts) et le Musée de l’Imprimerie (Lyon Museum of Printing) will take part in the organization of this unique adventure.

Well-known artists from the classical music international scene have also joined the adventure: Philippe Bernold, Julien Beaudiment, Jérôme Pernoo, Jérôme Ducros, the Quatuor Danel with Marc Danel, Gilles Millet, Vlad Bogdanas and Yovan Markovitch, Virginie Robilliard, Françoise Friedrich, Pascale Feuvrier et Marie-Thérèse Keller will be with us for this premiere edition.

See you in Spring 2017 !

From April 10th to 16th 2017, in the museums of Lyon, the masterclasses open to the public and the concerts organized in the museums premises will transform the visitors in spectators and listeners ! Not to forget the evening Masters’ concerts at the Salle Molière preceded by the « Levers de rideaux » where young promising talents will perform as curtain-raiser.

Your generosity will make this experience unforgettable!

Today, the total budget for the festival reaches 56 400 € of which 67% is funded by Musicalta and subventions.

If we collect 5 000 €, it will allow us to:

  • Fund the instruments renting fees
  • Fund artists transport and accommodation fees

If we collect 10 000 €, we will also be able to:

  • Organize the « Levers de rideaux » (curtain-raisers) with young promising talents.
  • Fund part of the communication expenditures

If we collect 15 000 € and more ! It will allow us to:

  • Make the Printemps Musical Project more durable with future seasons
  • Welcome you in the best imaginable conditions, worthy of the greatest concert halls conditions


Je fais un don

et je découvre mes contreparties


This event is also yours, we look forward to see you next April in the museums of Lyon to discover or RE-discover classical music !