Musicalta and its two musical seasons

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Created in 1996 in Rouffach, the Musicalta International Music Festival comes back every summer in the French region of Alsace, away from busy urban centers.

In 2017 with the creation of Lyon Printemps Musical, Musicalta presents a new season with a Festival in the heart of the French city Lyon with concerts at the « Salle Molière » and within many large museums of the city.

Discover Musicalta’s two musical seasons!

Lyon Printemps Musical

From 11th to 16th April 2017 in Lyon

From April 11th to 16th, guest musicians, well-known soloists and young talented and promising students will be gathered on the beautiful stage of the « Salle Molière » and in the heart of Lyon largest museums, in order to present a wonderful musical season. Conferences and Masterclasses will be followed in the evening by Masters’ concerts and « Levers de rideaux » (curtain-raiser).

With the Danel Quartet, the Yako Quartet, Philippe Bernold, Jerôme Pernoo, Virginie Robilliard, Hervé Billaut, Francis Duroy, Jérôme Ducros and the young soloists, we offer you a unique music festival, like no other, looking at classical musical in a constantly renewed way.


Musicalta in Rouffach

From July 18th to August 5th 2017 in the heart of Alsace

To go live with an ambitious music festival far from cities : this was the crazy adventure that we started in 1996.

From the beginning at Trois-Epis, Labaroche and then Rouffach, we have hosted ambitious concerts with each summer ambitious and prestigious guests from the classical music scene.

Musicalta has its own unique tone in which intimacy is the keyword and where music is treated with the greatest respect. Musicalta is a meeting place for festival-goers from all over the world where frenziness around the music programs echoes with a unique casual atmosphere.


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